Artist Statement

My name is Elissa Rose (aka) Sparkle

I am a lifelong artist

Creating art has been the background music of my life

 Entering the studio allows my imagination to weave together stone, glass, metal, paper, wire, string, beads, textiles and love.

My passion for art-cycling generates one-of-a-kind
organic creations using upcycled raw materials.

​My mother was an art teacher...
...I can still hear her telling me
that with my crayons
the sky could be green
the grass magenta
that indeed there were...

“no rules in coloring”


This guiding principle has expanded to shape not only my artistic journey, but also my life. Art allows me to connect with my innate curiosity and be present in the moment. I see myself as a student and a teacher, a wise woman walking through this world, sharing my art and guiding others towards and into their own.

In my creative space at the Shelburne Pond Studios

I have the freedom to work on my projects

 As a Creativity Coach it is my honor and joy to hold and provide space that inspires others to connect with themselves through various mediums, techniques, and approaches.

Art is Sanctuary

Refuge and Peace

We are the Art 

~ Contact me to come and play


Artist Statement